For the last decade, Etienne Labbé has been exploring the aesthetic of landscapes in movement or "moving stills". 

"I have been using my camera as a kind of paint brush, abstracting compositions from everyday landscapes. I am fascinated with the interaction between the camera, movement and time. Rather than using photography as a medium of documentation, I prefer experimenting with its creative possibilities and its ability to distort our perception of time and space." 

Etienne lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and three children. In addition to photography, he designs and builds furniture in his Etobicoke studio. Visit elff studio for more details. 


Photographic works are not sold directly from the artist. They can be viewed and purchased from Oeno Gallery, in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, Ontario.


General enquiries: etienne.labbe@gmail.com

Viewing and purchasing: info@oenogallery